Discussion and Art from Dragon’s Dogma

Originally posted on Amdall Gallery.
Link: https://jonamdall.com/2018/05/27/tribute-to-dragons-dogma-my-favorite-game/

Sketch from Amdall Gallery, discussion of the Capcom game Dragon’s Dogma. Discussion of the game itself, as well as some artwork featuring characters and combat.

This is a game mostly about the “ever-turning wheel,” and how a hero and a dragon keep the wheel moving. The question at the core of the plot is, what do you want your hero to be? Will you accept the cycle and your place in it? Will you become a cowardly king, a lonely god, a monster, or a memory held by the next hero? It’s a deceptively deep story; on its surface it appears simple, but unwinds into something quite interesting.

I’ve discussed Dragon’s Dogma before in the video game section of our forums (here), but wanted to do something more in depth. It’s my favorite game of all time, so I think it deserves some more discussion and a couple sketches. I hope some day, Capcom will decide to make a sequel…but in the meantime, I’ll keep singing the game’s praises anywhere I can.

More at the link


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